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For achieving the target, we create "works" not just products and keep the progressive challenge of creating high-leveled production process.
Our company style is "custom-made semiconductor creator"
1.Management based on customer satisfaction
2.Be competitive in the market
3.Management by all employees
4.Harmonization with society
5.Speedy management
6.Clear and fair process of management
7.Make much of partnership
"Management by all employees"
1.Establish competitive management style in the business
2.Clarify the point of kaizen on the process of management
3.Verify the effectiveness of management process
4.Elevate the self-innovative ability by constant kaizen
1.Activity on "Japan Quality Award Council" guideline
2.Make much of "Quality"
3.Strengthen financial basis
4.Create the new business and contribute the group of "Pioneer"
5.Reduce the cost and shorten the lead time of production
6.Strengthen the power of sales
7.Fair management
8.Utilize the information technology