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We are manufacturing compound semiconductor products by our own MBE equipment.
Please contact us freely for details.
*PCA (Terahertz generator/detector chip: CEE/CED series)
We are manufacturing and distributing terahertz antennas made from GaAs substrates.
CEE/CED series are the terahertz wave generator/detector chips with antenna pattern for terahertz wave detection
formed on LT-GaAs(low-temperature grown GaAs).
The products can be used for spectroscopic analysis or terahertz imaging.
Its broadband, high sensitivity, and high S/N characteristics contribute to improvement
in assay precision, to shorten measuring time, and to extend the life of pumped laser.
The products are available as chips or modules.
Because the products are manufactured in our factory, dimensions of chip and/or antenna can be changed upon request.

Example characteristic)Example antenna dimensions)
*Quantum dot laser
We are manufacturing quantum dot laser from GaAs substrate.
Because power variation of quantum dot laser caused by temperature is small, quantum dot laser can be used in various fields.