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Audio/Video equipment have been used frequently in the daily life. Semiconductor products maintain the usability and convenience inside of Audio/Video equipment.
Advanced technologies are integrated and condensed in the small semiconductor as is a small universe contains dream and everlasting possibilities. We challenge the development of cutting-edge semiconductors and contribute the achievement of advanced and fruitful multimedia era.

Semiconductors We are dealing with analog ICs and digital ICs. For both analog ICs and digital ICs, we are concentrating our power on the fields in which we are making a specialty and consistently performing development,manufacture, and sales of products matching customers' needs.
Analog ICs We are focusing on development of ICs for optical disks. Presently, we are primarily developing light receiving ICs for DVD and CD-R/RW (*OEIC), which are very highly evaluated in the market.
Digital ICs We are primarily developing the video signal processing ICs and display ICs relating to digital video products and gaining popular favor from designers of digital video products.
Product applications
Analog ICs Digital ICs
Optical disks Didital video
Display units Display units
Vehicle mounted Vehicle mounted