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Oct. 1977 Pioneer Corporation founded Semiconductor Laboratory.
April 1981 Pioneer Corporation started development of semiconductor for Pioneer's own production usage.
Oct. 1985 Pioneer Corporation transferred business of semiconductor to Pioneer Video Corporation.
Pioneer Video Corporation started to sell semiconductor products to customers outside of Pioneer Group.
(Mainly for audio/video products)
Jun. 1993 Pioneer Video Corporation got the certification of ISO9001.
April 1994 Pioneer Video Corporation opened Tokyo Sales Office.
July 1998 Pioneer Video Corporation got the certification of ISO14001.
Jan. 2001 Pioneer Video Corporation set the new 6 inch processing(Bipolar) line for wafer process.
April 2003 Pioneer Video Corporation was separeted two companies,Pioneer Micro Technology Corporation was founded.
Sep. 2009 Certification of ISO14001 has been transferred to integrated
certification of Pioneer Group.
(Pioneer has obtained ISO14001 certification in June 1999)